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Blu Smartphones 2018

The new blu r1 hd 2018 phone is a high-end device that's packed with features. It's a 5. 2-inch screen phone with a 4-gigabyte storage plan and a gold color. It also comes with a 20- ended september subscription to mi addicting mobile app. The blu r1 hd 2018 is a great phone for those who want the best living room experience.

BLU A190P BLACK Advance A6 -Unlocked Dual Sim Smartphone - 6

BLU A190P BLACK Advance A6


USD $164.84

BLU Vivo One - 5.5" HD 4G LTE GSM Unlocked Smartphone -16GB

BLU Vivo One - 5.5"


USD $69.99

BLU VIVO X – 6.0” HD+18:9 Display Smartphone with Dual F

BLU VIVO X – 6.0”


USD $227.48

BLU R1 HD 2018 Factory Unlocked Phone - 5.2" - 16GB - Black

BLU R1 HD 2018 Factory


USD $55.99

Blu Studio Mega 2018 Unlocked Cell Phone Android V.8.1 Oreo
BLU VIVO 5R Refresh Smartphone - 5.5-Inch Display 4G LTE GSM
Blu - Vivo 5 With 32gb Memory Cell Phone  - Solid Gold

Blu - Vivo 5 With


USD $279.99

BLU Life One X2 16GB Unlocked GSM LTE Octa-Core Phone w/ 16M

BLU Life One X2 16GB


USD $109.99

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The vivo one is a new style and looks of the year 2018 that is a perfect blend of the latest top quality materials and methods. It is made with a tough and durable frame that will keep your device in good condition until you eventually part ways with it. The 5. 5 inch hd display with a resolution of 16gb means you can easily take care of your content and ammount of photos with this phone. The internal storage has been made two build and has a 2gb of storage which can be used for both your personal and work purposes. This phone also comes with a 12mp camera that will allow you to capture amazing photos and videos. The blue color is perfect for any situation and will fit any budget.
theblu vivo x 6. 0 hd189 is a highly stylish and high-end smartphone with a highly advanced display. It features a 6. 0-inch hdaucas display, which is both a display size and texture level that is in between those available on other smartphone models. This allows for a much more smooth andctinnate display. This black iphone 10 model has a 6. 0-inch hdaucas display with a high quality finish.
the blu r1 hd 2018 is a new and upcoming phone from blu. This phone is a 5. 2-inch phone with a 16gb storage. It has a black color, making it easy to find around the phone. This phone is a great phone for those who want to feel like a professional yet have a consumer phone.